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Sunflower (Guatemalan Jadeite) Commission

Have an idea for a special Jade carving you'd like done? I'm happy to help!

Many of my customers have reached out with a dream they want realized in a piece of Jade. I love working with people to create that perfect carving. 

Don't hesitate to reach out with ideas. I am most attracted to nature themed work, but am willing to work in any number of styles. Custom work can range from a simple pair of earrings from a Jade you particularly like, to detailed one-off carvings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I start to process of a custom work?

A: Simply reach out! Any form of contact is fine, including through my social media. Take a look at my gallery to see past works if you'd like an idea of what can be created.

Q: Who can commission work from me?

A: Anyone! I am based in the US, but I ship internationally. I have worked with customers from all around the world.

Q: What Materials do you work with?

A: Nephrite and Jadeite Jade. I do not currently accept commissions for other stones.

Freshwater Jade Guatemalan Jadeite


Q: Can I send you a piece of Jade to work with?

A: Maybe, however I reserve the right to decline. I have a large selection of high quality Jades from around the world, and am certain we can find something you like.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: This is highly variable. The cost will be determined based on how complicated the design is, and how much time and design work go into its creation. Shipping within the USA is free, and I charge my cost for international orders.

Q: How do you take payment?

A: I accept PayPal, Venmo, Western Union, and Moneygram for online orders. Applicable fees apply depending on the payment method used. Cash, Check, or CC (via square) are also acceptable for in person sales. 

Q: Can I split my payments?

A: Yes. I generally ask for 50% of the payment upfront once a design has been agreed upon, however I am happy to work out a plan that works for both of us.

Q: How long will it take?

A: Unique work takes time, especially for detailed original carvings. Custom work can sometimes take a month or more from design phase to final product. What I can promise is that I will keep you informed about progress, and where I am in the process. A loose timeline can be agreed upon for time sensitive commissions, however, good art takes time and I will not sacrifice quality to rush a project.



Shane Zach Freshwater Jade in studio in wisconsin



 Please reach out with any further questions or to start the commission process!